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What is counselling?

At some point in our lives we may experience feelings of being overwhelmed, numb, sad and stuck and may feel we cannot cope. These feelings may affect our work, personal life and relationships and this is where counselling can help. 


Counselling is a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space set aside just for you to talk to a professional about what is really going on. It is different to talking to family members or friends in that counsellors are professionally trained to support long term growth and change.


In my experience the moment you’ve decided to get in touch you’re closer to finding answers to the issues that are troubling you. As the counselling progresses you will begin to have some understanding of what the difficulties are and from there begin working towards managing, solving and changing things.

The Process of Counselling

In the first session I will gather some basic background information about you.


We will explore your reasons for coming to counselling and what your goals are.


Then a unique and tailored programme of work will be agreed between us. This will include where, when and how often we will meet. 


The number of sessions you will need is difficult to assess and will depend on the nature of your concerns. Some people may want to have structure and work towards an end date. Others may wish to leave the sessions open ended. The number of sessions needed will be reviewed on a regular basis and will be discussed in our first session. 

Contact details

Westerham. Orpington. Sevenoaks


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